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We provide stable, high yield returns, year after year.

Our goal is to produce consistent returns for our investors with the peace of mind that comes with having real assets behind each investment. We lend investor capital on qualified real estate development projects in Texas on a short term basis. Borrowers pay a monthly interest rate for the loans made by Stallion, and investors enjoy what have historically been above 7% returns.

Our borrowers make money on projects they otherwise would not be able to undertake, and our investors enjoy a better return than is offered by banks, bonds or CDs without exposing themselves to the risk and volatility of the stock market.


  • Texas Real Estate Investments with a Target Net 8% annual returns
  • Consistent yields since 2007
  • Yield derived from short-term real estate loans


  • Investments 100% collateralized by real estate
  • All loans are in first lien position
  • Maximum loan-to-value ratio of 70% or less (typical LTV less than 65%)
  • All investments in major Texas markets
  • Typical loan duration is 12 months


  • Monthly or quarterly dividends
  • Dividends unaffected by market interest rate fluctuations