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Target 9-11% Returns

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100% Collateralized
by Real Estate

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What Our Investors Have To Say
  • Our biggest fear was not knowing anyone who had done business with Stallion. With a small company not heard of run by people one doesn't know, it's a concern doing business and risking a lot of money with an unknown entity. Our planner told us that when you don't know the management, you have to get to know them good enough that you can trust their decision process. We spent a lot of time reading the material, talking to Vincent and Peter, getting questions answered, analyzing what we heard. We traveled to Austin and had in-person meetings as well as telephone discussions. We felt like we could trust their decisions and past performance, and we knew we already respected their values. We like the honesty and straight facts when we talk.
    Rusty and Kim R.
  • What I like most about investing with Stallion is the reduction of the uncertainty of returns. I can more confidently project how the Stallion investment will impact my overall retirement plan. With any other type of investment, the return projection is a shot in the dark. With my STREF investment, I have high confidence in my expected growth.
    Scott M.
  • If I had had any fear, I would not have invested with Stallion. When I approached Stallion in 2010, I believe it was, I spoke at length with Vincent. He made me feel like I was his only client and that he had all the time in the world for me. Vincent was extraordinarily patient and willing to talk with me and answer my questions until I felt satisfied. Never ever did I feel any pressure from him – only kindness and expertise. Stallion takes excellent care of my money. They know what they’re doing, they do what they say, and their integrity is absolute.
    Kate C.
  • I have the utmost respect and trust with Vincent and his team. They operate with integrity, honor, trustworthiness, and with their investors’ best interest at heart.
    Colby M.
  • Our favorite part of working with Stallion is that they are a small firm which is responsive and personal. They have good values and have been trustworthy.
    Scot H.
  • What I appreciate most about working with Stallion is that their response is always quick and follow through is quick. They are a legitimate, honest company who is really looking out for the best outcome for our investments.
    Audrey C.
  • I believe that the ethical standards at Stallion are very high. In my view Stallion would not increase its risk profile to take on more investor money. This is rare in the investment world.
    Scott M.
  • If you are an investor who wants maximum returns on investments and is comfortable with some risk overall, I don't know of any investment opportunity better than Stallion.
    Joe W.
  • My favorite part of working with Stallion is having the confidence in their team that even if a deal goes bad, they have done the proper due diligence to protect their investors' principal.
    Colby M.
  • I know and trust Stallion. Have a close friendship with some of the folks there. Good yield with acceptable risk. Trustworthy.
    Cason B.

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